Auction Liaison Services De-Mystified

Robert Zymet Founded DeCarrera Fine Art /DCF Art Advisory with the mission of providing tailored services ranging from buying and selling individual works & Collections to providing Auction Liaison services. Collectors/Sellers who are set on consigning to auction houses can greatly benefit using my Auction Liaison services. It’s a White Glove service from top to bottom with very little owner involvement except for approving and signing contracts with me and the auction house of choice. First off, after assessing then approving the artwork or Luxury Item, I search through my database of Auction Houses, their selling schedule for the year, geographic location, time of the year auction will take place, coinciding &  corresponding Museum/Gallery shows to boost visibility and other beneficial variables. Because of my connections with Auction Houses and a reputation for bringing them high quality works of art my terms negotiating benefits the seller I represent. From negotiating commission, to handling all logistics incl shipping, placing the art in the most beneficial auction, getting desirable lot placement,seasonal timing and tailored promotions for your art, my services can help to achieve favorable results otherwise not realized if handled on your own.