Warhol Marilyn

Sell Your Fine Art in 2024

Warhol Marilyn
Warhol Marilyn “Shot Sage Blue”

From Frankenthaler to Warhol to Kusama

Navigating the Art selling process can be a rigorous exercise. From auction houses to art galleries to Art advisors, who you can trust, where you can get the best result. Depending on how in-demand the artist is at the moment you are selling can determine what avenue you should take. A Warhol signed/numbered print for example has reliable current auction results that you can use and who’s values are rather stable over the years, so you have an idea what it’s worth and the amount you can realize from the sale. On the flip side is a hot emerging artist who’s values can fluctuate dramatically depending on many factors like subject matter, date of painting and of course popularity at the time of sale. Most auction houses, galleries and dealers want a Warhol, Haring or Lichtenstein etc. because demand is steady and it’s a reliable sale for them depending on asking price…which should be market price if you want to achieve a sale. The same goes for works on canvas by well known in demand artists.

How to sell your fine art in 2024 is a question many will ponder given the vast amount of choices one has. Online auction houses, established auction houses, auction liaison services, art galleries and art advisories. There are different methods as well, short term consignment, long term consignment, direct sale, straight purchase, private sale through auction house or Art advisory. There are pitfalls that come with the territory. If you have an original one of a kind work of art by an in demand artist, the art can get burned if too many potential clients and dealers see this work of art. If you do not want that to happen make sure it is a limited time discreet offering or you can auction the work.

When selling your Art it’s best not to be in a rush but to find the right strategic approach that will maximize the financial potential of your Art that you would like to sell.